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It’s okay

Over the years I’ve changed myself for other people and for fake friends. I was blind. Day for day, minute for minute and second for second. I also told myself every day that I could carry this load with me. So I’ve opened my eyes. It’s okay if you cry and if you’re down. You should be yourself and not the person that others will see in you! You are you and not any person that you will see in a fame person, while so-called „friends“ will take you, and yourself. You can’t be any person, because others want to have you the way you can’t. I’m 15 years old, I’ve also had a lot of problems and am so proud of what I can see in front of me. Only myself is what I’m hating and I don’t know how many mistakes I’ve already made. But now it’s not too late. So you can make mistakes, learn about this. Every mistake is a little bit of piecemeal success. And I’m honest, I really can’t do any more. But the hope in me remains because there will always be people who hold up to me and I love them so much above all else, whether they understand me or not.I want to say thank you to all those who are always there when I need them and they support me. Just as I would like to thank you for showing me all the other perspectives in this world, good or bad. Thanks.

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Ich bin Mara Flor (Künstlername), 19 Jahre alt und für alles Kreative zu begeistern! Kreativ - Das Stichwort aller Stichwörter, wenn es um meinen Blog und mich selber geht. Ich bin ein richtiger Freigeist und mit kreativer Ausübung kann man mich immer begeistern :-)
Wenn du also mehr darüber erfahren möchtest, kannst du gerne einfach meine "Über Mich" Seite anschauen oder schnupperst durch meinen Blog, denn dann erfährst du genau, was ich damit meine...

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